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Should I Have My Furnace Maintained Every Year?

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At Cross Heating & Air Conditioning in Waterloo and Listowel, we get a lot of questions from homeowners about their home comfort systems. One of the most common questions we get is, “Is annual furnace maintenance necessary?”

Simply put the answer is “yes.”

Furnace manufacturers recommend maintenance on your furnace every year, and your warranty may be void if a failure is caused by lack of maintenance.

What is done during a maintenance call or preseason safety inspection? Can I do this myself?

While there are no standard requirements for the work that needs to be done during a furnace maintenance, a $29 maintenance is likely not the same as a $150 maintenance. Qualified, professional technicians will check gas pressures, vent pressures, safety controls, motors, flame patterns, condensate drains, heat exchanges, carbon monoxide, minor cleaning as well as many other checks.

If a technician is only going to stick in a vacuum and clean out some dust, you can do that yourself. When a qualified technician performs all the other work they are worth their weight in gold. A qualified technician’s work will ensure your furnace is safe and will operate correctly and without trouble during the long, cold winter months.

Furnace Maintenance Plans

At Cross Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that budgeting for a large expense once a year may be hard, and remembering to call and book an appointment can be a nuisance. That’s why many of our customers have chosen our maintenance plans with a low monthly payment. We send you the reminder to have your furnace maintained at your convenience. If you’re on our maintenance plan, you are also eligible for priority service and discounts on any repairs completed. You can ask our call takers or technicians anytime about this program.

To find out more about annual furnace maintenance or maintenance plans from Cross Heating, contact us today!

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