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Cross Heating & Air Conditioning’s Service Process

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At Cross Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe in providing our customers with the best home comfort service possible. By outlining clear expectations to all of our customers, we can ensure you’re prepared for every step of our service process.

The Initial Call

When you give us a call, you’ll be greeted by a real person — not an automated answering system. Whoever answers your call will do their best to assist you as well as they can with your specific need or problem. They’ll ask you some questions to determine whether they can help you over the phone or if you’ll require a visit from one of our technicians.

We’ll also let you know about any diagnostic fees, which you’ll only be obligated to pay if our technicians make a house visit.

Options for Service

Our team approaches the service and maintenance of home comfort systems with an ABC approach. This approach allows you to choose one of the following three options to suit your needs:

Option A

Option A will address your immediate problem, the one that you called us for. We will do everything we can to help solve this problem and fix your unit so that this problem is solved. If there are other issues with your air conditioning or heating unit, your problem may only be solved for the time being and could require additional service in the near future.

Option B

Option B involves our technicians going one step further in the service and maintenance process. In addition to addressing your immediate concern or problem, our technicians will ask you if you’d like to know if they notice any additional maintenance issues that may develop into problems in the near future. If so, we’ll ask you if you’d like us to perform preventative maintenance on these issues or if you’d like an estimate of how much these problems might cost you to fix in the future.

Option C

Option C schedules one of our senior team members to come to your home and offer you a whole-home solution comfort system. We’ll walk through your home with you and provide you with options and solutions to optimize the comfort of your home, from heating and cooling to air filtration and humidity solutions.

Maintenance Plans

At Cross Heating, we provide our repeat customers with special programs for maintenance. Depending on the level of service you want or require, we have a number of discounts that make our regular maintenance plans an affordable and convenient option for all of your home comfort needs. When we’ve completed the maintenance request that you initially contacted us about, we’ll be happy to discuss your options for future maintenance with you.

No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Our goal is to provide you with expert service and the best products to make your home as comfortable as possible. All of our technicians are trained to give you advice about ways that you can improve your home, but they’ll never lead or pressure you into buying things you don’t want or don’t need. We’ll ask you a series of questions and do a tour of your home to make sure we’re familiar with your particular situation and needs before giving you any options for service or products. The final decision is always up you.

If your home comfort systems aren’t operating as they should, give us a call. We’ll help you get your furnace or air conditioner up and running again.

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